Hi guys ! today I'm talking about this movie call the last song , is really nice and will make you throw some tears . i recommend you to look at it . well you can't watch it on the cinema because it was created on 2010 , equally you can rent it and you will enjoy as much as you will in cinema .
hope you enjoy it!

But here comes the happy part of the story she knew a guy with who she fell in love, they pass allot of time together .But he was hiding her that he became from a rich family and that he was living the place , she put angry some time with him but true love never ends.
But was that the only thing he was hiding , well that was not all , some years ago it pass an accident the chapel burn and every body thought it was her parent , but it really was not , the crime was made by the best friend of the innocence guy , but then he told her and she forgive him,

This is about a teen ager girl who is represented by Miley Cyrus , who her modes make her go to visit her dad on summer vacations , she never enjoy passing time with her dad , but when she realize her dad was suffering of cancer she was super sad and regret of ignoring him all the cards he sent for her , well sadly her parent dies and she and her little brother needed to turn back with her mum.
wouldn't you be regret?
or you just donde matter? 

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