we all welcome to our new favorite group one direction , but looking at the shortless , its amazing . Well almost all of them have six packs but maby one of them dont want to pressum it , who it is ? think about it , but you will see it in the next post . they found them having fun in the beach of australia , i hope the othe 2 members of one direction havent find a girlfriend , i think they should come to colombia and marry me!

six pack!

Well i need to tell you i consider HARRY STYLES and LIAM PAYNE, the sexiest members of the one direction group , look at that body , and love their hair , they are gorgeous and their body is amazing it notice they go to the gym more than ones in a week.

well... other  2 sexy bodies.

Well this 2 arent as hot as Harry and Liam , but they have much great bodies than my school boys. ZAYN and LOUIS look really nice without a shirt , i will hope i can see them closer , well or not sitted . maby if lois stand up strate some chocolates (six packs) cand come out .

what happend to him?

who has the sexiest body ?

5/10/2012 02:14:46 am

Hey ana
I totally agree with you on the first two, Your blog is really cool!

Laura Smith
10/26/2012 05:14:42 am

Louis tomlinson his fit all over and theres 1 pic with him standing on a bout with a proper 6pack


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