We all love our inspirations , and we like looking at them smoking hot , but smoking cigarett NO !. I am a person who love being healthy and likes my Models to be healthy . And a little fact look how the look without a cigarett (HUH! much better).


WOW ! our 12 actriss had change allot .. what happend to her she was so healthy . Well perfection dosent last for ever . im wondering if you this as i do , she should stop right know , she needs to be healthy and just a little ditail . Who provoque this celeb to smoke 

Zayn malik 

Our recently celeb has already being catch smoking he is Zayn Malik from one direction  . We hope this dosent affect his smoking hot body , because cigarett dosent affect just in the inside , and well we will see how he looks in 3 or 4 years if he continues smokin.

ROBert pattinson

I dindt know that Vampires can get addict to something that isnot blood , well this can prove they do . Our vampire is smoking . maby he is taking his paper very seriously , because he dosent matter smoking because he will never die .


You seriously throw down in the clubs, so why not throw down that cigarette while you’re at it, too? And also hes unrispectfull and he dosent takes in a good we way his "adiction"

laordes leon 

Well i think it isnt conveniant you going to madonnas new tour , maby it is not healthy for her , well it isnt healthy even for you but we understand.


I understand it is not easy letting an addiction you had that supposely you use it for loosing wight for the black swan but Baby the movie its already in the pass you need to move on .


Well maby vanessa had taken some rest from movies , and shes not a big role model like it was when filming High school .. but you can take also a rest from the cigar , unles for me who is still a fan.


You have a beautiful voice and we think you should take care of it . after your throat cirgury , your are suppose to take care of it , we are so exited for your new album . and we dont whant to buy a cd with a song full of smoke.


Im a great fan of yours and i love your songs i hope your "new habit " dosent affect it.
We heard a rumor that you were smoking up LA, RiRi — we just didn’t know it also involved cigarettes!

oh wait this are 9 ? tell me the ten . who you want to stop smoking ?

Emily H
4/1/2012 08:39:24 pm

i think , katy perry should stop . she is a very nice person with others she needs to caring with her body .


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