my cruse !!
I LOVE THIS SUPER EXPIRIENCE ! .Royal caribean cruise like OASIS OF THE SEAS or LIBERTY OF THE SEAS or FREEDOM OF THE SEAS are the best thing you can imagine.Going in this trip for just one week can change your life ! i so cool and fun, specially for kinds in the age of 7 to 15  because there was a nursery for kids,but it was not a nomal nursery it was a super cool nursery . Kids of almost all ages can be there and it was very cool because they can take you to climb or to the swimming pool , all thye kids make shows around the pool . But unfortunately i was not in this nurse but i even have lot of fun with my brother , well because im just a kid and  some one need to take care about me . I recomend you allot this cruise .
to what place you will like to get in a cruse?

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