Some moth before a started looking to this funny program call MODERN FAMILY . it is about a big family ,well we can say they are decided in 3 little families but they are a family . It is a great tv show , of i recumbent you to look at it is really fun and i know you will enjoy it as much as me.
This is the last family , Mitchi and cameron are a cupel of Homosexual guys , that is not important they adopt a little and very cute girl call lili .
This is the first family , Gloria , Jake and Manny . She is a colombian woman who marry with the father of Claire and Mitchel .And they have a kid name Manny well he is the son of gloria but jade love him.
This is the family of Clair , she is marry with a wonderful guy call Phil dumphi . They have 3 kids , Haley who is the teenager , very rebel . Alex she is a kid that studies allot she is not as her other sister and Luke ohh i don't know what to say of luke just terrible.
Which is your favorite family?

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