my ball of wax
HOW I PROMISE YOU I WILL PUT PICTURES ! yes yesterday i had allot of fun can you see in the picture i make a ball of wax .Here is the ball of wax of my cousin and my ball of wax .obviously mine is the big one because im intelligent than my cousin.HAHAHA just joking it that i had being 3 years working on mines and she just 2 (well not the hole year just in one day that was yesterday).WE TURN ON 30 candles and i burn my little finger like 10 times .I will put a picture of how was the end of the night.

WOW! can you see the difference look at the beginning all the candles were on and our ball were smaller .Now look again to this picture all the candles were MELTED and our ball of wax (well mines) was bigger .

SADLY! It was raining so candles cant be in the rain so my cousin and me had a great idea and , first we putted the candles down a little roof , the grass was wet so we took 2 big plastic bags and we sat down in top of them , the rain was still falling in our heads so we took and umbrella and we continue having lot of fun.

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