HI GUYS ! today im writing of our favorite cheriours .. well famouse cheerleader who are really hot and kind maby agresive . Well all of them are different . but they have something in common all of them give happines to every person who needs it for example to us , who look them by the tv.

Queen , Santana , Britney
Though these ladies have had their issues, especially with Coach Sylvester, we’re so happy to see them rocking McKinley’s colors again. Nobody brings more swag to the Cheerio uniforms than Santana, Brittany and Quinn.This tree girls are from glee ou can leasten to them here in my blog , on the past year .

Yes she is a wll known cheerleader but she had have a tremendouse change .I bet Caroline misses the days when all she had to worry about was remembering the words to her squad’s newest cheer. Being a vamp def has its downfalls.. You can look at her on the Vampires diary.

Marty and Savahnna
You should already know them ! they are from hell cats on BOOMERANG . well they are also nominated.I still mourning the loss of this show. Sigh. No one will ever rock blue and gold as well as our beloved Hellcats did!


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