are you really pregnant?

Hi guys !
Well let me tell you this is not Gossip is really true , the next 9 moths will be so interesting 2 famous stars are having a little baby, for one of them is 2 time and the other one was really inspective, its a person you would never imagine . So here they are ?

Kourtney kardashian

Yes pregnant for second time! well if have seen the t.v show keeping up with the Kardashians you will realize this was really her dream . After she had Baby Mason , she was trying to get pregnant because she wanted him to have a little brother as she was with Kim.


Well really i don't know snookie really well , but news of famous people run faster than water , they said snooki is pregnant and the she docent knows who is the parent , but everybody thinks is her boy friend of jersey shore . But any person expect this snookie is not prepare for being a mother.

How you can see she is so happy with the news she is all ready all around the us , 

I'm sure they can wait until this beautiful baby to born.
Well she have not be so open with this news , 

we think she has the same idea all the people that now her has she is not ready.


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