Our favourite teen couple have continued to show the world they’re still in love by smooching at a basketball game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers., but it seems they were not that consenter on cheering their team , but looking at each others eyes and mouth ? .
How lovely…We think.
The couple clearly didn’t mind who was watching, and the smiles on their faces after the kissing sesh was clear to see.


It looks that she is more shy than Justin , but maby she also love him this much for letting kiss her infron of thausands of people , but who matters if a camara catch them , they are living their life and they arent doing anything bad , they are just young and they are passing a good time together.

But it looks like this little fan was jelouse and wanted to interrupt , haha just joking is just a little girl , who probably is a big fan of selena and justing , she just wanted to know them , im already 12 years old and i will be exited if i see them .

whos jelouse now?

6/25/2012 05:54:12 am

Love this Weebly site, I had no idea I could make a free blog so easily, thanks!


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