Hi guys, I just wanted to... I don't know sort of infirm you about this really cool show. It is about cheerers, which train a lot to be able to go to nationals, it is actually a really big deal for them. 
Anyway, I just think it is really cool, I;v been watching ti for a while now, and I thought you would like it too. 

Hope you watch it, and enjoy it!

(I want to thank my friend Daniela, who helped me write this post, because eI didn't have internet at my house. She has a blog too, I have it in my blogroll, make sure you visit it)
Bachelor pad is a reality show were they put 9 single woman's and 9 single boys , there in the house they might get in love and if they are really good in team work they can get 250.000 dollars .
would you like to make this?\
how it would be you perfect love?

Can you imagine finding your true love , with the one you will sure the rest of your life and getting all this money you will live happy ever after like in fairy tales, but each fairy tale have the bad person and bachelor pad is not the exception .
E! true hollywood story is obviously an E! makes an interview to famous people lets say like the family Osborn and in the interview they tell everything about their life . 
The perpose of this tv program is to show the world the real persons that are famous people .

Have you look it ?
which is your favorite story?

Some moth before a started looking to this funny program call MODERN FAMILY . it is about a big family ,well we can say they are decided in 3 little families but they are a family . It is a great tv show , of i recumbent you to look at it is really fun and i know you will enjoy it as much as me.
This is the last family , Mitchi and cameron are a cupel of Homosexual guys , that is not important they adopt a little and very cute girl call lili .
This is the first family , Gloria , Jake and Manny . She is a colombian woman who marry with the father of Claire and Mitchel .And they have a kid name Manny well he is the son of gloria but jade love him.
This is the family of Clair , she is marry with a wonderful guy call Phil dumphi . They have 3 kids , Haley who is the teenager , very rebel . Alex she is a kid that studies allot she is not as her other sister and Luke ohh i don't know what to say of luke just terrible.
Which is your favorite family?
Shake it up is this disney channel program which the main characters are cici and rookie , both of them love dancing , and they got this perfect opportunity of dancing in  this program call shake it up chicago.

you like dancing ?
This is a new tv program that J-LO and marc anthony are all around latin america looking for new talent for aging to a famous super show in L.A.
But this will be a hard work for the coupled who just divorced.
Sorry it is in spanish but is latin america so it needs to be in spanish . This simple kid knock to the window asking to j-lo letting him audition and his beautiful voice make jenifer say YES.

best and worst dress.

Ok today I'm putting some pictures of famous people and you will judge who is the best and worst dress .


Lea michele ,  Jeniffer lopez


Nicki Minaj  ,    lady gaga


Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian

who isa your best dress ?why?
the worst dress? why?

red carpet 2012 on e!

IM SO EXITED ! 2012 red carpet season began , all my favorite actors will be there like SOFIA VERGARA , ANGELINA AND BRAD PIT ,also my favorite tv shows and movies Modern family glee and allot more .
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HI ! have you realize that long time ago i have not write about Glee but i decide that my blog will take a new track so i decide to write about glee . Glee is a tv program wich have lot of loosers that get together in glee club, where they express their self singing .
would you like to be a friend from the glee club?

c s i

IT IS CRIME TIME! C.s.i crime scene investigation , WOW! the best tv program ever . Have you see CSI miami , ny , l,a , if you have not ill tell you what it is about csi is about cruel crimes like killers and murders and all the tips of crime you imagine , This group of experts make everything to uncover the killers and resolve the case so all have a cruel but a fair ending.