HI GUYS this is my las challenge  =(.
So i need to evaluate the challenges. I think they were very cool and i will love if there were more.
Im going to tell you how i think the challenges were. I think there were super cool , i enjoy making them and my two favorites were challenge 9 and 7 because i can express my self with them and in my favorites i can chose whatever i want so i really enjoy having a little bit of freedom and taking break from normal challenges .


Until now i have made 23 post of edublog challenges,
3 of school and 7 are mines.

i have 27 coments  of my family friends and classmates.
i have 7 widgets and i think are enought for my blog.
in my blogroll i have 7 persons around the world in my blog.
Also i think my blog is popular because i have 710 pages views .


I nominate SIMONE'S blog because i found it very interesting and fun .She have made all the challenges and have many links to other students.