Some partern dont have a good , husband or wife but this celebrities will have a good life together because probably they already  choose they right person , the person they will like to share for the rest of the life .
 They like to pass time together and for the time they were boy friend and girl friend they were happy with each other .


Yes ! finally this beautifull woman will get marry , she deserv it . What i know abot her past is that she havent had a lot of luck with love and we hope from now on she will have it.


She on the other side have had a super luck , she already had with a wonderful guys beautiful kids and she is really happy.   I hope she have more kids and live happily for the rest of her life.


SHE marry inless than a month and she is really happy , we all think she found her truth love , she is really happy with Lamar Odom and she is waiting to make her family bigger .
live happy!

KAty perry .

Well it didnt last much . But wild she was marry she enjoy a 100 porcent the time she past really happy . Love some eimes dont last forever but wild you are in it you past 24 hours a day happy 
: (


The KCA 2012 Orange Carpet was crawling with stylish stars this Saturday - well technically, it was walkingwith stylish stars, but you know, it's an expression. And we noticed a few themes amongst these celeb threads. Look out for these new fashion trends, people! 'Cause they were all the rage last Saturday night. But this goes next of the winners of the KCA !.

Victoriouse . In my oppinio Good luck charlie hould won it , but children around the world decide that victoriouse should, equaly i like victorios and im very happy for the entire cast .
YEY! finally i agree i love Selena Gomez she is such a nice person " what i see on tv " she is really happy with the award and if we talk about style she had one of the best of the night .
Here comes another one i agree with , i love wipe - out is really funny looking how humans in reall life look like little video game people jumping and felling down from huge ball that are floating in the watter .
This side bar has bean for my considence , i love this actor , well all of them are great actors but this one makes me laught allot more thant the other one , im happy for him.
Well for being honest i havent watch cars 2 or Kug Fu panda 2 or Puss in boots , i just have look at Rio which i consider a great movie i think i cry a little bit in it maby a the beganning .
: )
Here are to sey and hot actors who are very BUTTKICKER , i think they sould have a tie between them.
I think the Hunger Games should won is a exellent book , and a friend finish it in 3 days .
I think LMFAO or the BLACK EYES PEAS  should had win because they are great and they had bean for years on music world.
How i already told you , i think selena is great and all the nominated are grat but i think Lady GaGa should needed to walk with a blinp in her hands .
: )
Well dont kill me for my crazy oppinions , maby is because i dont see this the atm farm that much maby i think it would be better is TY burrell walk out with one blimp.
: )
Well i this one i think i like 2 but only one can win :( for me was Jannette McCurdy and Jerry Trainor. Well i like both and im glad one of them wont the blimp . 
: )
In this one i dont agree  like in any way , i think Harry potter should have win the blinp and i consider alvin and the chipmonks at last i think ill be happier if  the muppets or the smurf had win.
In this one i dessagree again . I think Sofia Vergara or Emma Watson should won it , they are great and Kristen Stewart seems that she dosent matter about the awards
I dont think in Katy perry as an voice animator and really i dont consider her the best. im between Antonio banderas and Jack black , they are great and they take their animation and if the ones acting were they.
Really i dont know anyone here , im ashame. But i recognise a little bit the faces but i dont know wew they act .
Well i have just dance 3 and i think is a great game , im obsess with it i think i will buy more songs to dance.
Well i like them all , all of them are great singer but i think Usher should had win , He discovered  Justin, But sadly people think  JB is better than him.
YEY ! they won ... i love them and i love this song i can stop singing it in my head when i listen their name is like if they ask you who are LMFAO , and you tell the ones that sing P.R.A
Well at the right side you can see that taylor swift won this exelent award she is just fantastic , and i hope she continues like that .

AND SOME THINGS of this important day !





They cant be more annoying ! well the can be call the queen bee at school but they are really hiding behind who they are , this is just superficial because they are just rud and they are the biggers haters . so here theres a  list of this 10 divas we what to get lost .
Molly and Grace of The Perfs on How to Rock.
They will just do anything to bother Kacey and gravity 5 , they are such a haters , they even dupport they friends having a little shine light if it is without them

Georgina on Gossip Girl , belive me you will never what to get into this mean girl way , she is the ONE person we want to " misteriously" vanish FOREVER! , she just will make your life impossible , and dont lend her face trick you .

Tinka on Shake It Up! , Well maby she spend the 23 hours in a day compiting and being annoying , she will just freek you out . Because if she dosent burn your eyes when she use does horrible dresses , she will be compiting with you hopefully for the most annoying .

Lulu in Jane by Design , Well we all know it is already become normal that lulu bothers Jane since 7 grade  , but she already cros line by dating Janes best friend.

Dalia on Suburgatory .While Dalia takes herself way too seriously, caring only about her looks, money, and social status, we can’t help but laugh! This rich princess falls into the popular but oh-so-dumb stereotype effortlessly.

Lexi on A.N.T. Farm she is so rud and makes Chinas life impossible , she is jelouse of her ( china ) but  she dosent admit it because she try to dont give her importance.

Lemon on Hart of Dixie .Nothing’s worse than a drama queen with a sweet Southern accent. Their condescending and insulting comments always seem nice at first. Bless your heart.

Rebekah on The Vampire Diaries .She finds amusement in torturing Elena and her friends, while we find joy in imagining her downfall. Rebekah is one vamp we won’t be sad to see go.

A’ on Pretty Little LiarsWe don’t know who ‘A’ is (yet), but we do know she’s one relentless chica determined to take down our fave Little Liars. Secrets don’t last long in Rosewood and hopefully neither will ‘A’!




We all love our inspirations , and we like looking at them smoking hot , but smoking cigarett NO !. I am a person who love being healthy and likes my Models to be healthy . And a little fact look how the look without a cigarett (HUH! much better).


WOW ! our 12 actriss had change allot .. what happend to her she was so healthy . Well perfection dosent last for ever . im wondering if you this as i do , she should stop right know , she needs to be healthy and just a little ditail . Who provoque this celeb to smoke 

Zayn malik 

Our recently celeb has already being catch smoking he is Zayn Malik from one direction  . We hope this dosent affect his smoking hot body , because cigarett dosent affect just in the inside , and well we will see how he looks in 3 or 4 years if he continues smokin.

ROBert pattinson

I dindt know that Vampires can get addict to something that isnot blood , well this can prove they do . Our vampire is smoking . maby he is taking his paper very seriously , because he dosent matter smoking because he will never die .


You seriously throw down in the clubs, so why not throw down that cigarette while you’re at it, too? And also hes unrispectfull and he dosent takes in a good we way his "adiction"

laordes leon 

Well i think it isnt conveniant you going to madonnas new tour , maby it is not healthy for her , well it isnt healthy even for you but we understand.


I understand it is not easy letting an addiction you had that supposely you use it for loosing wight for the black swan but Baby the movie its already in the pass you need to move on .


Well maby vanessa had taken some rest from movies , and shes not a big role model like it was when filming High school .. but you can take also a rest from the cigar , unles for me who is still a fan.


You have a beautiful voice and we think you should take care of it . after your throat cirgury , your are suppose to take care of it , we are so exited for your new album . and we dont whant to buy a cd with a song full of smoke.


Im a great fan of yours and i love your songs i hope your "new habit " dosent affect it.
We heard a rumor that you were smoking up LA, RiRi — we just didn’t know it also involved cigarettes!

oh wait this are 9 ? tell me the ten . who you want to stop smoking ?

HI GUYS ! today im writing of our favorite cheriours .. well famouse cheerleader who are really hot and kind maby agresive . Well all of them are different . but they have something in common all of them give happines to every person who needs it for example to us , who look them by the tv.

Queen , Santana , Britney
Though these ladies have had their issues, especially with Coach Sylvester, we’re so happy to see them rocking McKinley’s colors again. Nobody brings more swag to the Cheerio uniforms than Santana, Brittany and Quinn.This tree girls are from glee ou can leasten to them here in my blog , on the past year .

Yes she is a wll known cheerleader but she had have a tremendouse change .I bet Caroline misses the days when all she had to worry about was remembering the words to her squad’s newest cheer. Being a vamp def has its downfalls.. You can look at her on the Vampires diary.

Marty and Savahnna
You should already know them ! they are from hell cats on BOOMERANG . well they are also nominated.I still mourning the loss of this show. Sigh. No one will ever rock blue and gold as well as our beloved Hellcats did!




 hi guys ! . If we had to use one word to describe this week’s celebrity outfits, it would have to be… ADORBS! We try not to throw around that word too much (mainly because it’s not a real word), but it’s just necessary this time around. So many cute minis! Trust us, you’ll see the reasons why in just a sec.


First of all sorry for not blogging this week , is that my internet is not working.

funny videos 

i have some videos about the annoying orange , long time ago i did not look at it .
Hi guys, I just wanted to... I don't know sort of infirm you about this really cool show. It is about cheerers, which train a lot to be able to go to nationals, it is actually a really big deal for them. 
Anyway, I just think it is really cool, I;v been watching ti for a while now, and I thought you would like it too. 

Hope you watch it, and enjoy it!

(I want to thank my friend Daniela, who helped me write this post, because eI didn't have internet at my house. She has a blog too, I have it in my blogroll, make sure you visit it)

are you really pregnant?

Hi guys !
Well let me tell you this is not Gossip is really true , the next 9 moths will be so interesting 2 famous stars are having a little baby, for one of them is 2 time and the other one was really inspective, its a person you would never imagine . So here they are ?

Kourtney kardashian

Yes pregnant for second time! well if have seen the t.v show keeping up with the Kardashians you will realize this was really her dream . After she had Baby Mason , she was trying to get pregnant because she wanted him to have a little brother as she was with Kim.


Well really i don't know snookie really well , but news of famous people run faster than water , they said snooki is pregnant and the she docent knows who is the parent , but everybody thinks is her boy friend of jersey shore . But any person expect this snookie is not prepare for being a mother.

How you can see she is so happy with the news she is all ready all around the us , 

I'm sure they can wait until this beautiful baby to born.
Well she have not be so open with this news , 

we think she has the same idea all the people that now her has she is not ready.





THINK YOU CAN DACE? .Hi guys!  a year ago i start looking at this tv program call Americas Best Dance Crew.

But my favorite crew of all the seasons are WE ARE HEROES , they are asiatics , that are fighting for their dream , they will waste their money on their family and on things that are really important for them.

It is about Crews around america who dance really good. They choose lots of crew and bring them to the show to make performances and fight for a dream . If they win they will have lot of money which they really need it.