HI guys ! today i am talking about how our celebrities have change throw time .. some of them will impact you you will see that not all of our hot celebs now day were like that few years ago ! here you wil have the chance of looking to our celebrities past .

OMG , this is a big example of evolution , maby not that much in face and color . but the hair style . well i need to admit i like much  more her hair now days is really nice i like the sexy touch it gave to her hair having this new color , this was a good evolution .

Well i am a little bit suprise how celebrities havent evolve that much , exept by the hair . this is a sexy woman who had make a change of 180 degrees in hait style , im curios she had black hair and now she is blong but Kristen was blond and now is black well this are call likes .

Both are really nice pictures , Lindsey is beautiful in both ways, and she havent change that much maby skin color . but also it have change the hair  OMG woman love changing tipes of hair , But she just lettit longer she like concerving her hair .

It is really curios becuase i just saw 17 again and she is acting , she was really nice love that picture . She havent change that much but i just know that she is much more rud well in tv programs like gossip girl !.

i NEED to tell you this is a Big change , but this time is not for good this littlegirl that us to be in HUGE tv programs is not the same , Well i havent look at her long time ago but now im in shovk with all the difference i have look.

YES ! if i dind look at it with my own eyes i will never belive ir , it is a huge and great change Avril was a total Nerd but becoming famouse had a GREAT impacto on her , now she is worth it . but how my mom always tell me a person will never  change in the inside and you cant judge a book by its cover.


5/10/2012 02:10:30 am

Ana Lucia,
Your blog is really cool. I love all the stuff that is here. I think that Avril Lavigne had the biggest change.


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