Hi guys? let me tell yu that with this actress with who i lost hope , but the 24 of april at was looking at my twitter and i saw this picture down , i was in shok , yei! they will have her firt kid , will she be a good mum and Brian Austin green a good parent , we will see .
But it seems , that Megan (mama ) thinks 1 child isnt enough , last week she told E! news that she have alway had a maternal side , she is thinking to have two or 3 kids .

 This will be the 2 child of Brian who has another kid already 10 years old ,with his EX-wife Vanessa.


Hi guys ! im sorry for not writing in the 2 days ago , soryy im just stress with school and my time is really short , so sorry!.
well but I have great news for you , do you know who is Juliana Rancic ( De pandy ) , well she is the e news co - star, Well let me tell you a little bit about her history . Juliana marry Bill rancic an ingenier in 2007 , well even though they have had problems ( im tellling you in few minutes) the couple is still together and happier than ever .

Yei a baby! and is biological it just have a baby mama ! , but is not hers ..... is of juliana , omg this will give her lots of reasons to continue with the process of her breast cancer . we hope you the best!

a girl or a boy ! ?

we all welcome to our new favorite group one direction , but looking at the shortless , its amazing . Well almost all of them have six packs but maby one of them dont want to pressum it , who it is ? think about it , but you will see it in the next post . they found them having fun in the beach of australia , i hope the othe 2 members of one direction havent find a girlfriend , i think they should come to colombia and marry me!

six pack!

Well i need to tell you i consider HARRY STYLES and LIAM PAYNE, the sexiest members of the one direction group , look at that body , and love their hair , they are gorgeous and their body is amazing it notice they go to the gym more than ones in a week.

well... other  2 sexy bodies.

Well this 2 arent as hot as Harry and Liam , but they have much great bodies than my school boys. ZAYN and LOUIS look really nice without a shirt , i will hope i can see them closer , well or not sitted . maby if lois stand up strate some chocolates (six packs) cand come out .

what happend to him?

who has the sexiest body ?

Our favourite teen couple have continued to show the world they’re still in love by smooching at a basketball game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers., but it seems they were not that consenter on cheering their team , but looking at each others eyes and mouth ? .
How lovely…We think.
The couple clearly didn’t mind who was watching, and the smiles on their faces after the kissing sesh was clear to see.


It looks that she is more shy than Justin , but maby she also love him this much for letting kiss her infron of thausands of people , but who matters if a camara catch them , they are living their life and they arent doing anything bad , they are just young and they are passing a good time together.

But it looks like this little fan was jelouse and wanted to interrupt , haha just joking is just a little girl , who probably is a big fan of selena and justing , she just wanted to know them , im already 12 years old and i will be exited if i see them .

whos jelouse now?



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NOt all is pink color ,our celebs braking apart?

Heidi Klum filed for divorce from Seal, her husband of seven years, in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon.
The 38-year-old Project Runway star cited “irreconcilable differences,” according to the papers first obtained by TMZ. It’s also emerged the couple of eight years had signed a post-nup , meaning they made an agreement after they got married, in 2005, to separate their assets.
So what’s the deal when it comes to their four children together – Leni, 7, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and Lou, 2?
Heidi wants joint legal custody of their four kids, but she is asking for primary physical custody while Seal, 49, would get visitation rights.
The supermodel is also asking rocker Seal to pay for his own lawyer fees and wants the judge to “reject any claim for spousal support by either her or Seal.”

but mom is the only one taking her kids to play ?


 Hi guys !
I have a great news for you is a news we have wait about for 7 years , it will be a great step for this to celebs and for their kids.
I heard the glorious news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally engaged.

After seven years and six kids, the gorgeous couple is taking the plunge despite their original vow to wait for marriage equality. "I've said that we would not be getting married until everyone in this country had the right to get married," Pitt told Ellen DeGeneres in September.
So, how is the gay community handling the engagement? Any hard feelings now that the twosome's ready to say "I do"?

Turns out, everyone is just as excited about Brangelina's engagement as we are. Even Equality California, an LGBT advocacy organization, publicly expressed their support for the union:
"Marriage is special and unique," Rebekah Or, Communications Director for Equality California told E! News.
"Marriage says 'we are a family' in a way that no other word can. It appears that even Brad and Angelina's children understand the meaning of that special vow," Orr said. "We would never want any committed couple to deny themselves and their families the happiness and security that marriage brings."

Brad and Angelina have clearly demonstrated that they are supporters of equality," Orr explained. "Their marriage just provides one more opportunity to remind all of us why marriage matters to all loving couples and why the exclusion of same-sex couples from the freedom to marry is so hurtful to families

THIS IS WILLOW SMITH , she is . well for me a new and great famouse star , we just saw  her in the Kid choice awards with Pink hair and a hat , she looked fantastic . Im just wondering , what would had being Will smith reaction , i can imaging mi self getting home and looking at my parent with that hair , well each person have their one style.At just age 11, the “Whip My Hair” star has gone from long, slender braids to a short hot pink ‘do  , and everything in between. Over the past few years, Willow has hit numerous red carpets (and her Whosay account) sporting ‘dos that include sculpted shapes and various colorful concoctions.


our celebs wearing swimsuits ? 

HI guys ! some times we admire famouse stars body and we want to look like them wild we are wearing our swiming suits ! but some times they can also scare you and give you a big surprise when you are looking at them , well maby after this post you will never whant to use a bikini again in your entire life and maby you will stop eating butter and mayonese.


You just saw this terrible wearing! you will never want to have a celeb body but this maby can change your mind ! this celeb who most of the time are in a cover of a magazine have a great body and they are really hot dont matter their age !

DO YOU ever wanted to have this body ?



HI guys ! today i am talking about how our celebrities have change throw time .. some of them will impact you you will see that not all of our hot celebs now day were like that few years ago ! here you wil have the chance of looking to our celebrities past .

OMG , this is a big example of evolution , maby not that much in face and color . but the hair style . well i need to admit i like much  more her hair now days is really nice i like the sexy touch it gave to her hair having this new color , this was a good evolution .

Well i am a little bit suprise how celebrities havent evolve that much , exept by the hair . this is a sexy woman who had make a change of 180 degrees in hait style , im curios she had black hair and now she is blong but Kristen was blond and now is black well this are call likes .

Both are really nice pictures , Lindsey is beautiful in both ways, and she havent change that much maby skin color . but also it have change the hair  OMG woman love changing tipes of hair , But she just lettit longer she like concerving her hair .

It is really curios becuase i just saw 17 again and she is acting , she was really nice love that picture . She havent change that much but i just know that she is much more rud well in tv programs like gossip girl !.

i NEED to tell you this is a Big change , but this time is not for good this littlegirl that us to be in HUGE tv programs is not the same , Well i havent look at her long time ago but now im in shovk with all the difference i have look.

YES ! if i dind look at it with my own eyes i will never belive ir , it is a huge and great change Avril was a total Nerd but becoming famouse had a GREAT impacto on her , now she is worth it . but how my mom always tell me a person will never  change in the inside and you cant judge a book by its cover.




Some partern dont have a good , husband or wife but this celebrities will have a good life together because probably they already  choose they right person , the person they will like to share for the rest of the life .
 They like to pass time together and for the time they were boy friend and girl friend they were happy with each other .


Yes ! finally this beautifull woman will get marry , she deserv it . What i know abot her past is that she havent had a lot of luck with love and we hope from now on she will have it.


She on the other side have had a super luck , she already had with a wonderful guys beautiful kids and she is really happy.   I hope she have more kids and live happily for the rest of her life.


SHE marry inless than a month and she is really happy , we all think she found her truth love , she is really happy with Lamar Odom and she is waiting to make her family bigger .
live happy!

KAty perry .

Well it didnt last much . But wild she was marry she enjoy a 100 porcent the time she past really happy . Love some eimes dont last forever but wild you are in it you past 24 hours a day happy 
: (