Hi guys! some cople of weeks i started looking at this tv show call vimpire diaries , well i have nit look at it on the tv , but i have look for it in cuevana , is really nice and fun  it mill entertain you for a long time i just have turn on my computer 2 times and I'm already in the episode number 9 .
It is about this girl call ELENA who is really similar to Katherin who was a vimpire who transform Stefan and Demon Salvatore into vampires.
You will like it allot it all about action and it have allot of drama and mystery you will enjoy it allot.


Hi guys .. i have a friend call Maria camila and she is really interested in this campaign about Joseph Kony. For people who doesnt know who's him ill tell you sophie that will make you your mind going round this theme . Kony is the worst criminal in the world he had KILL ,MURDER OR KIDNAP children's in African , so this campaign consist on making him go DOWN and us the world will not stop until his in the jail ,because this could happened to you or to me any day and it is really horrible just thinking about ir so i just hope you put your little part , i already did buy telling you this.
I hope you can think about it and put of your part, because this is not normal US children need a world in peace and if is not this year when it can be , us my friends of school are writing about this because they are also interested we need to make him famous all people need to know who is Kony , ill hope some day he us in jail and look at all this families he had kill and he feel what the world is feeling of him right now DISGUT, REPUGNANT , because you are not a human you are a devil man who just deserve bad things and even thought he will get to jail you will never can make does innocents shouls come back from heaven you are the WORST person. is not just me look. 


Hi guys ! remember some days ago i wrote about NIKI MiNAJ , well and i told you that ill write about two girls that are call Sophia Grace and Rosie , both of them interpret Niki singing super bass . And i found them really cute . They became famous when her mother post a You Tube video of them singing and dancing , Now they have appear more that 5 times in The Ellen's show. So i hope you can put thumbs up for this really cute girls .
Hi guys ! today I'm talking about Niki Minaj , she is practically a new music star , who was nominated for 2 music awards .Well i like her allot and her personality is super , an example are this 2 girls call Sophia Grace and Rosie who interprets his song call SUPER BASS. I'm going to show you the video the next post.
Hi guys ! i hope you ALL know about the academy awards.Well some years ago when i started looking at academy awards i thought how it will be having my own academy awards so this is y opportunity.

And the oscar go to...

George Clooney the descendants .
Mrs.Piggy the muppets
Kristen Wiig brides mades
Octavia Spencer the help