This is a new tv program that J-LO and marc anthony are all around latin america looking for new talent for aging to a famous super show in L.A.
But this will be a hard work for the coupled who just divorced.
Sorry it is in spanish but is latin america so it needs to be in spanish . This simple kid knock to the window asking to j-lo letting him audition and his beautiful voice make jenifer say YES.

best and worst dress.

Ok today I'm putting some pictures of famous people and you will judge who is the best and worst dress .


Lea michele ,  Jeniffer lopez


Nicki Minaj  ,    lady gaga


Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian

who isa your best dress ?why?
the worst dress? why?






HI ! remember i wrote i was sick , yes well now I'm worst todays morning i when to make a doctors check and in an x-ray they found me a pneumonia . A pneumonia is an infection in  the long , that make you really sick .Now I'm waiting to return school because i it have already pass 5 days since i don't go so hope i feel better .
Have you suffer the same ?
WE ALL KNOW GAGA ! she is a great singer a grab dancer and have a greg a gorgeous style .Gaga is unique in all what she do her videos are perfect her voice is expectacular and her style that is what i want to talk about Gagas style is crazy she always play with is , she change her hair of color , her cloth is the best she looks like fantasy . But some people complain about gaga i only have one thing to say about her SHE WAS BORN THIS WAY if you don't like her don't put attention to her , and look for othe pop stars that i will put on my blog .

We need fantasy to live because reality is very difficult - LADY GAGA

Do you like gaga ? why?