E! true hollywood story is obviously an E! makes an interview to famous people lets say like the family Osborn and in the interview they tell everything about their life . 
The perpose of this tv program is to show the world the real persons that are famous people .

Have you look it ?
which is your favorite story?



Maby you are wondering why plus 2 . well let me tell you angelina and brad pitt are having twins this will make the in a bigger family with 8 children . This is a rumor so the only one that knows is angelina and brad but getting in the SAG award in some dresses that could cover her tommy maby she is hiding something.......
Some moth before a started looking to this funny program call MODERN FAMILY . it is about a big family ,well we can say they are decided in 3 little families but they are a family . It is a great tv show , of i recumbent you to look at it is really fun and i know you will enjoy it as much as me.
This is the last family , Mitchi and cameron are a cupel of Homosexual guys , that is not important they adopt a little and very cute girl call lili .
This is the first family , Gloria , Jake and Manny . She is a colombian woman who marry with the father of Claire and Mitchel .And they have a kid name Manny well he is the son of gloria but jade love him.
This is the family of Clair , she is marry with a wonderful guy call Phil dumphi . They have 3 kids , Haley who is the teenager , very rebel . Alex she is a kid that studies allot she is not as her other sister and Luke ohh i don't know what to say of luke just terrible.
Which is your favorite family?


WELL ! let me tell you i have a black berry and i love having it . I use it allot  so  battery just resist 1 day and a half .
even though i have a blackberry a prefer an i phone i think its much useful. I have a black berry specially for my friends because i us it more or less just for chatting .
Do you know something ! it will be perfect having an blackphone you understand a  blackberry and an i phone it will have bum but all the applications for an i phone it will be the perfect phone.
Which team are you? why?


Hi guys! i need to tell you that i am so happy , i have a new cousin his name is jeronimo, he was born the 16 of february . He is beautiful , well i have not see him but i have some pictures of him that my dad sent to me , and he is really cute.

how old is your littlest cousin?
Hi guys! one month ago i was thinking of going to cinema with a friend and it was like telepathy she call me and invite me to see this movie call mission impossible and i was like OMG i will never look at this movie  it looks horrible , but i didn't have anything more to do so i decide to go just for having some time apart from my parents.
So we when and when the movie was over i was like OMG best movie ever it is an excellent movie and the actor is really good and it have very good effects and this is all of action and i need to tell you i finish with my mouth open its excellent .
Shake it up is this disney channel program which the main characters are cici and rookie , both of them love dancing , and they got this perfect opportunity of dancing in  this program call shake it up chicago.

you like dancing ?
Hi guys ! yesterday i saw this really strange movie call melancholia which is about this "planet that is going to crush air"and that is being the end of the world , well let me tell you I'm not a believer of this things like 2012 but i need to admit i am a person that is really easy to scare , so I'm hopping this will never happen.
HI! some days ago i saw this movie THE MUPPETS with two of my best friends . Us tree were the biggest muppets fans in the world so we decided to look it together.
Even thought i don't like this movie i was very happy because i love looking at miss piggy and in movie she have a great part.
Well i need to tell you i was expecting allot more from the muppets  i thought it will be awesome , but well things are not always as we want . 
It is about a woman who's marrying , and names her best friend as her brides maid but there are some problems that will affect this relation ship between them and between her and all the brides mades.
What was your favorite part?
OK guys! some weeks ago i saw this movie which i consider it exelent and really funny is very comic and i need to tell you vas nominated for SAG awards . it is really interesting and fun for kids that are more that 12 years.
But this 2 woman's are really friends and they will realize they couldn't live without the other and the bride will start thinking allot about her wedding thinking how she will miss her best friend if she leaf her apartment .